What is the Ecliptic? — Sky & Telescope, September 2022 — Errata

The inaugural Sky & Telescope article of Beginner’s Space – What is the Ecliptic? already has a serious error: the Earth is drawn incorrectly! Even in this artful depiction, it’s clear that the orientation of the continents should be rotated clockwise by 23.4°.

In the equatorial-azimuthal projection used there, the Geographic North Pole of the Earth (which of course projects to the North celestial pole) should emanate from above central Canada, not from above eastern Canada, as drawn in the article. Similarly, the Celestial equator (not the Ecliptic) should be drawn as the projection of the Earth’s equator (as correctly described in the article), which of course runs across the top of South America.

Let’s hope not too many new readers are confused!