Product Development

AGC Systems has helped turn ideas into profitable businesses. Our capabilities include:

Product Development including product definition; technology development; cross-functional collaboration with design, engineering, manufacturing, finance; budget planning and management, product design process, developing white papers and project plans, project review presentations, prototype & test procedure development.

Technology Strategy & Implementation including needs assessment, requirements definition, technical specs, technology selection, vendor selection and management, assembly and management of implementation teams, documentation, and executive reporting. Intellectual Property management including developing/managing patent portfolios, patent evaluation, defense, assertion, litigation, and technology transfer.

Technology Policy & Expertise including interface with industry, regulatory & government agencies, technical standards, in-depth knowledge of technical issues and product functionality, understanding and development of US and international standards, including AES, ATSC, DVB and ISDB, as well as 4G/LTE/3GPP cellular telephony.

Our expertise includes:

  • Audio/video systems architecture and integration
  • Digital electronic design
  • Startup strategy
  • MPEG standards
  • VSB/QAM/COFDM modulation systems
  • MS Windows, Mac, Unix
  • Raspberry Pi,¬†Arduino, Hummingboard
  • Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI)
  • Radio & audio production
  • Test systems design
  • Long-distance photography
  • Optics

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