Review: PopScope Phone Tripod

The Popscope is a Kickstarter-funded cellphone tripod/reach extender that allows you to take pictures as you would with a selfie-stick or camera tripod.  It works with any photo timer app that you can download on your phone, or with a Bluetooth remote.
When collapsed, the unit is 6.5″ tall, and 18″ when fully extended. It attaches to your phone by using a vise-like clamp outfitted with soft rubber surfaces. The head can angle, too, with a small wing-nut holding it in place.
Weighing only 6 oz., the unit doesn’t bog you down, as long as you have a place to carry it.  When fully extended (the feet pop out, too), you can grab the feet and use it selfie-style.
A few comments on use. First, while the tripod function is very handy, it will give the best results when placed on an already-elevated surface.  This is because an 18″ tripod will position the cellphone very low if placed on the floor or ground — so that pictures will have a less-than optimal perspective.
The developer says the unit will hold a phone up to 172g in weight, which should be adequate for most cellphones.  But the attachment works by clamping the phone in what is essentially a vise — something with which you certainly don’t want to exert to much pressure on the display glass. While the rubber surfaces treat your phone gently, it did leave a mark on this reviewer’s display-protector surface–but the mark was easily removed.  You probably don’t want to leave the phone in the unit while carrying it around, either, lest it fly off.
The Popscope comes in four attractive colors, and is offered at $39.99 with an included IOS 6 / Android 4.2.2 compatible Bluetooth remote, plus shipping.  For more information, visit