Review: PlugDock by FuseChicken

We recently received one of these units for review. As the promo material says, “PLUGdock converts your typical iPhone wall charger into a brilliant outlet-mounted iPhone dock in seconds.”
The device neatly holds your charger, cable and iPhone at the wall outlet, using a cleverly-designed extruded plastic bobbin. To use the device, you simply insert your own Apple charger, then wrap the standard Apple USB cable on the bobbin and plug one end into the charger, and the other into your iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, 6, or 6 Plus.
The unit works as described, and provides a tidy way of managing a device at a standard wall plug, even with a large protective case like the LifeProof. A few observations: While the promo and box material say “Requires original Apple charger and lightning cable,” this might not be immediately apparent to the casual observer. When removing the unit from the wall, the charger stays in the wall, since the plug usually fits tightly, but it’s no big deal. Also, the Lightning plug fits tightly on the unit (as it should), so it will need just a little bit of effort to remove it, if so desired.
PLUGdock comes with one-year limited warranty, and while the packaging carries a recycling logo (as well as RoHS), the actual construction material is not specified.  Our only negative is the price — $10, as listed at the company’s website, seems a tad high for what amounts to a USB charger in a possibly-patented plastic assembly. Cute idea, though, and kudos for their Indiegogo crowd funding.  Funny company name, and American-based, too.